Not much of a blog this!  Note to self, get off backside and make more use of this medium.


I have been taking advantage of a fairly quiet spell by getting stuck in to the sequel of Sinema.  I’m about 10,000 words in so far, so still pretty early days, but I’ll get it sorted as quickly as humanly possible without rushing anything.  I’m hoping readers will love the direction that it goes in and will be satisfied with the conclusion.  I have no intention of making it a trilogy, so everything will come to a head one way or another!


My fantastic hard-working publisher, Wild Wolf Publishing has been working tirelessly in trying to arrange book-signings with Waterstone’s and it is finally starting to look hopeful that some could be arranged pretty soon.  Such a shame about Borders – they were very supportive of local/emerging authors.  I hope to start to build the same sort of relationship with Waterstone’s.  Fingers crossed!