What readers have to say about Rod Glenn’s books

“Masterful writing.” ~ Adrienne King, star of Friday the 13th and horror icon

“A great read that I recommend highly.” ~ Groovy Daz Reviews

“Utterly brilliant!” ~ Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews

“Highly recommended.” ~ Jacob Rayne, author

“This book is an ambitious, gripping, violent thriller which hooked my imagination and didn’t let go. I can’t deny that I read late into the night as I couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” ~ In Potentia Book Reviews

“I read this one quickly because I simply could not put it down.” ~ Daz’s Short Book Reviews

“fans of the hit tv show Dexter will love it.” ~ Ric’s Reviews

“A fantastic and gruesome end to the Sinema story that will have you rooting for the bad guy.” ~ The Crack Magazine

“A thrilling post-apocalypse novel that does not let up.” ~ Adrian Brady, Morpheus Tales

“I just loved it.” ~ Ian Ayris, author

“It is NOT for the weak of heart. It is gritty and at time disturbing with a lot of blood and guts tossed in for good measure.” ~ W & D Books

“I whole heartily recommend this book as one of the top post apocalyptic fictions written in quite a while.” ~ Matt Baldwin, Star Shadow

“I give it 4.5 of 5.” ~ Gabriel M. Cole, Editor, Orion’s Child Magazine

“This is a real treat not only for genre fiction readers, but for everyone out there that is even a little concerned about the state of the world today.” ~ A J Kirby, author

” A lyrical, futuristic epic. Rod takes traditional themes of betrayal and conflict and lets them loose in a vengeful, modernistic society engulfed in war.” ~ Borders Books

“Scary, gory and it really brought the film geek out of me, loved ‘getting’ the film quotes!” ~ Barry Dodds

“Intense thrilling and downright scary! Wonderfully written, will leave you with chills down your spine. 5/5” ~ Sam Smith

“A truly chilling novel.” ~ Borders Books

“Skilfully crafted and thoroughly absorbing” ~ Dorothy Billing, remotegoat.co.uk

“This novel was one the most heart racing, jaw-dropping novels that I have ever dared to finish.” ~ Hayley Forbes, The Crack Magazine

“With Sinema, Rod Glenn continues to build a following for his unique blend of horror, sci-fi and the darkest of dark humour.” ~ Paul Reizin, Booktribes.com

“Sinema is a compelling and disturbing novel.  In choosing to narrate from the point of view of such a repellent protagonist, the author has made a courageous decision.  Thankfully his creative abilities are up to the job.  Whilst recoiling from Whitman’s interior life, we are swept along with him.  It helps that the author laces his plotting with a hefty dose of dark, satirical humour which savours of The League of Gentlemen.” ~ Austin Kehoe, Editor at Melrose Books

“Sinema disturbed the hell out of me. Rod Glenn has a very vivid, descriptive style of writing, and I felt compelled to keep reading. The macabre storyline is suffused with black humour and pop culture references, which differentiates it from a run-of-the-mill murder story. It will make visitors look twice at the people they meet in small, rural ‘idylls’!!! Overall, I would say that Sinema is unnerving, disturbing and chilling. It will delight fans of horror and thrillers alike.” ~ Holly A Harvey, Author of the award winning novel, Karma

“Sinema is darkly imaginative. When I first read it, Bret Easton Ellis’s black comedy American Psycho came to mind, but yours is a particularly English, and recognizable, perspective, which works very well. Your ability to construct a scene is admirable – the snow-swept opening being particularly memorable.” ~ Kate Denereaz, Discovered Authors

“A tense fusion of betrayal, honour and conflicting loyalties. A powerful page-turner with conspiracy, death, passion and remorse. Find it all in every chapter. Glenn takes the traditional themes of betrayal and conflict and lets them loose in a vengeful, modern society engulfed in war. Being granted access to each of the characters intimate thoughts, the reader will find themselves absorbed in each of their plights. An abundance of action, twists and thrills right to the end. A story of revenge, glory and an ongoing quest for justice, The King of America is written with a refreshingly modern approach and will captivate its readers with its stark representations of political war.” ~ Lauren Dornan, Editor North East Regional Portal

“There are two kinds of science-fiction – novels written for, and by, physics students and stories that use allegory, wit and fancy to stretch the reader’s imaginations beyond breaking point. Rod Glenn’s lyrical futurist-epic falls, squarely, into the latter category. A major achievement.” ~ Keith Topping, Author and BBC writer

“The King of America is not for the faint-hearted. It is a gritty tale of power grabbing and the brutalities of war.” ~ Patricia Perry, Author