Preparations continue – Sinema is currently going through the final editing stages.  While that’s happening I’m getting some pre-release reviews organised so that one or two of the comments can be printed on the cover for the first run.  I’ve also got a very talented artist friend working on some concepts for the cover.  So far everything is all on track for a December release still.


With regards to my third novel, The Killing Moon, work is progressing well with that too.  I’m 70,000 words in (at this rate that probably equates to about a third to a half of the finished count) and the story is unfolding in ways that I never imagined when I first sketched out the bare bones of the plot.  Working with Jamie has been great and we’ve been able to bounce ideas off each other to help enrich both the characters and the plot.  The world of a Great Britain twenty years after a complete collapse of civilisation has really come alive and is literally jumping off the page.  The characters too have evolved and grown into believable three dimensional people that the reader will really care about.  This epic journey of friendship amidst extreme hardship and terror will hopefully leave readers breathless and ultimately satisfied.