I recently came across a fellow north east writer by the name of Holly A Harvey, whose debut novel, Karma, won the regional final of Undiscovered Authors 2005.  After exchanging a few emails, Holly kindly agreed to review Sinema and her wonderful comments were pinged back in record time.  But that’s not why I’m writing this entry.  Holly is a damn good writer – I’ve read extracts of Karma (I’ve also ordered a copy to read it in full) and I’ve read what several other readers have said about it, but Holly doesn’t consider herself a writer and is a little embarrassed by the title.  So, just thought I’d mention on here – YOU ARE A WRITER! 🙂 (and a talented one too!).  Keep writing – there’s lots of people (me included) who are looking forward to a follow up.  Here’s Holly’s website which also has her blog which is both warm and funny – www.hollyaharvey.co.uk.


As a footnote to my 14th Sept entry, I’m glad to see Northern Rock are finally coming through the troubles some of their so called loyal customers have heaped upon them