Okay, I did it again!  No entries since October!  I guess I’m not much of a blogger!


2011 has been an extremely busy year for me, what with Sinema 2, Holiday of the Dead, my work with Wild Wolf Publishing and running my business in Hexham.  No rest for the wicked, eh? Cue evil laugh.


I made a start on the action/horror, The Fortress (about 20,000 words in), but the last couple of months have been so hectic that I haven’t written a single word since November.  Rest assured I will remedy that and will get stuck in over the holidays and into the new year.  I also have plans to start Sinema 3 and I am setting myself the target of 1st Dec 2012 as the release date.  So I better get my finger out!


I have been writing for many years and my first novel was published back in 2006, but it has taken really till this year to build up a large enough readership to break into the mainstream.  I am delighted that my titles have sold over 41,000 copies (paperbacks and ebooks) this year so far.  Thank you so much to everyone for reading.  It gives me a huge buzz to know that so many people are reading and enjoying my books.


Merry Christmas everyone!