Blimey, I keep saying I’m going to keep this blog up to date, but life just keeps getting in the way!

I had an absolute blast on the set of World War Z (pronounced ‘zee’ because they’re yanks of course).  I ended up playing a small role as a riot police officer caught up in the action in Philidelphia (Glasgow city centre doubling for it). To the left is a photo of me on set in the full get up.  The film is being released Dec 2012, so there’s a little while to wait, but watch out for me.


I’ve got a couple of events coming up – Waterstone’s Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow on Sat 29th Oct 6-9pm with several of my fellow Holiday of the Dead authors.  There’s going to be readings, signings, competitions and, of course, zombies!


I’m also appearing at the Newcastle Winter Book Festival on Sat 26th Nov at the Newcastle City Library.  I’m on a discussion panel at 12.30pm giving advice to writers entitled ‘I’m a writer get me published’.


I’ve started writing.  It’s a bit of an action/sci-fi which is a cross between The Wild Geese and Lord of the Rings (yeah, I know!).  It’s tentatively entitled ‘The Fortress’.  I haven’t forgotten about Sinema 3.  The ideas are still formulating on that.


Hopefully see you at one of the events.