I’ve just returned from an intensive and challenging location shoot in Norway for Outside, a film based on Captain Scott’s ill-fated final Antarctic expedition.  I play the complex and emotive erstwhile hero, Captain Robert Falcon Scott.  We filmed in several locations around Geilo, including Hardangervidda National Park, where Hoth scenes from Empire Strikes Back were shot.  It was a challenging shoot in freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions, but it was well worth it.  Having seen some of the stills and rushes, I believe this will be a stunning film.  Here’s a couple of photos from the shoot to wet your appetite.

Cast and Crew of Outside

Rod Glenn - Monitor


Before heading off to Norway, I also finished filming Wander, a short supernatural thriller about a priest’s attempt to protect a possessed girl from a clandestine organisation.  I play the assassin sent to terminate him.  It also stars Utopia and Rush star, Alistair Petrie.

On top of filming, I have also been auditioning non-stop for several feature films and a couple of commercials.  I’ll keep you posted on those.

I’ve got a few days of down-time now, so will crack on with editing The Fortress so that I can hopefully release it in the Summer.