The service was exceptionally emotional, but Derek, Lu, Lara and Alex all made sure that it was the most perfect day for Tish.

Lara’s tribute was especially touching and she showed tremendous courage in the face of deep anguish to get through it with such grace.

The horse and carriage was straight out of a fairytale and perfect for Tish who loved the Wizard of Oz. The music played at the end of the service reflected this and stretched emotions beyond breaking point once more – Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland. And a little wink from Tish appeared later in the afternoon at the Roundhay Fox when rain and sunshine brought out a real rainbow.

I was honoured to help carry Tish into and back out of the service and will always cherish every moment of holding her in my hands for one final time.

I’d also like to thank Darren for being there for Lara at such a difficult time. He was a tower of strength.

All my love to the family and to Tish.