Before I tell you about a bizzare thing that happened on Sunday, I’d just like to thank everyone who turned up at the new Oxfam Book & Music Store for the book-signing and reading on Saturday.  There was a good party atmosphere and the shop was very busy.  It was also good to catch up with fellow authors Blaine and Gareth again too.


Now about Sunday…Vanessa and I were driving back from the cinema yesterday afternoon and happened to see a man crouching down behind some bushes in front of something lying on the ground and an empty baby buggy a few feet away.  Weird we thought, so I pulled the car around and drove into the estate to get a closer look.  Once in the estate we happened to see a man lying flat on the grass about 20 metres away from this first guy.  Getting weirder by the second.  I do a drive through and pull back out of the estate while we decide what to do by which point we both think something really weird is going on – the guy is still crouching down by the bush.  So we turn around to go back in where upon we see another car has stopped so we go to speak to the 2 women in the car.  A man has just told them to ring the police and has quickly driven off.  Oh hell, thinks I – this is not good.  She also tells us that the man in the bushes has walked off round the corner.  So we drive round to find him with Vanessa telling me to ring the police.  “Tell them what???” I ask.  We then see the man lying on the grass is still there, so we confront him.  “Oi! What are you doing?”  To which he responds, “Taking a fag break and fallen asleep”  Eh????  I say “There’s something bloody weird going on here!!!” So we jump out and go to find the bush guy.  He’s hiding round the corner with something in  a plastic bag in front of him.  Oh crap.  “What’s going on,” I demand.  “Oh my wife found a badly injured pigeon and made me kill it – I can’t quite get the nerve up to do it.”  A pigeon???  This is all about an injured pigeon???  To which we tell him that it all looked very suspicious and we nearly called the police.  “Really?   Oh,” says the guy all a little bit spaced out.  Then the man that had been lying on the grass turns up asking whats going on.  We tell him and he thanks us for waking him up as he would’ve been late for his shift and would’ve got into trouble…  All in all a very surreal experience!!!