I thought I’d start my new blog with the end…well, that’s me in a nutshell! From time to time I do have thoughts about death (anyone who’s read any of my work wouldn’t be particularly surprised about that!), but in particular every now and then I consider my own mortality. I’m not a religious person – I believe people should live their life with good morals, regardless of any organised religion. I’ve nothing against people who subscribe to one particular belief or another, but I do strongly believe that religion has been the cause of most of humanities woes throughout history. But best not to go there (can…worms…), but anyway, I do believe (or hope) that there is something out there. There are more things afoot than science will ever understand. So, occassionally, when I consider the possibility of nothing after death, this really does strike a note of fear in my heart. Just think about it for a moment…one second you are a thinking, sentient life with thoughts, dreams, emotions, then the next second NOTHING. Blankness. For all of eternity. Doesn’t that just scare the living excrement out of you? It does me. It is a fear that haunts me from time to time – has done for as long as I can remember.
Now, I subscribe to the possibility of reincarnation (with all fingers and toes crossed if truth be told!), so I hope that NOTHING never happens (I know that’s bad English – it’s a blog so no one cares, right?), but there’s always (in a stolen moment of solitude) that nagging doubt like one of those itches burried deep inside your head that you can’t get to from ears or mouth (reminds me of a Billy Connolly sketch!). That’s what we humans do, I guess – hope for the best, but consider the worst.
So, there you have it…the current morbid thoughts that are festering just below the calm exterior as I sit typing and sipping on my cup of tea on this sunny (for a flippin change!) Thursday afternoon.