I have had an extremely busy 2014 so far.  I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of acting and not a lot of writing.  I am currently undergoing extensive unarmed and sword-fighting training ready for filming The Fairy Flag in Scotland for the next seven days starting tomorrow.  After that, I start filming the horror film, Dolls, in which I bagged a co-starring role.  Once those two films are out of the way I should have time to finish writing The Fortress.  I hope to have it released by December.

In addition to the roles mentioned above, I have also appeared in a featured role as a train robber in the new series of Ripper Street (season 3, ep 1) and have also appeared in Bill, Macbeth, White Lies (lead role playing a strung out detective), Who Done What (a co-starring role playing a detective (again!)), Too Young to Die (a lead role, playing a school teacher amidst a zombie outbreak) and Unbeaten (a lead role, playing an underground boxer coming to the end of his career).