Hello there, lovely readers!  Lots to update you on.  First of all, the suspense horror, Dolls where I play a detective harbouring a dark secret has now been released on DVD.  Here’s the trailer for it.

Pre-filming rehearsals have begun for the supernatural mystery The Sceptic, where I play a psychologist interviewing a serial killer.  Below are a few stills from the rehearsals.  More to follow.

I also got the part of Lance Corporal Spader in The Exorcist Chronicles, so can’t wait to get my teeth into that role.  Working with a young modern day Father Merrin should be very interesting!  And if all that’s not enough, I also had another very big audition for what could be a fantastic part, but I won’t give anything away yet – I don’t want to jinx it!  Wish me luck though!

The Sceptic Rod Glenn - The Sceptic2 Rod Glenn - The Sceptic3 Rod Glenn - The Sceptic4