I’m deeply saddened and angry at the UK vote to leave the EU.  The hate, lies, bigotry and racism have won the day and our children will grow up in a less inclusive society.  I remain stunned that voters chose to side with Farage, Boris, Murdoch, Putin and Trump. Just let that sink in. Putin wants a divided Europe so he can continue to rebuild the Soviet Union, Trump wants a divided Europe to help push through TTIP, Murdoch wants out of the EU so that he has more power, Farage wants out of the EU for his own ego and his inherent racism and Boris wants out so that the ruling elite will gain more power and will be able to erode working, disability and human rights even more so that he and his chums will be able to make more money.  It is a sad day.

I’m going to spend some time with family and have a few drinks (probably more than a few!) and then try to put this set back behind me so that we can all start to look at moving forward and somehow making this work.