I haven’t written on here for a little while – I’ve been taking a little break after all the madness of Sinema 2 and Holiday of the Dead.  I think my mind and body were both about ready to completely shut down.  The batteries are recharging now, so I’m now starting to look at new projects.  I’ve got several in mind.  I’m already being asked whether I intend to write a third novel in the Sinema series.  The sequel is going down very well so far and riding high in the charts along with the first one – great to see them at number 3 and 4 respectively in the Amazon psychological thriller charts.


So, Sinema 3…hmmm…it’s a possibility and I’ve certainly got a corking idea for it, but now’s not the time.  I think I’ll get stuck into something a little different first.  Take a break from Han.  Perhaps some out and out horror for a change.  What do you think?  Answers on a postcard (or email!).