It’s been a busy few weeks.  I’ve completed filming two short films: Becoming Freddie is a drama about two life long friends who are out of work and full of regrets when a chance opportunity reignites a passion for singing in one of them.  I play the co-lead as the would-be singer’s best friend.  It’s a great little film, reminiscent of The Full Monty, but with singing instead of stripping!

The second short which I finished filming just yesterday is a quirky thriller called Sweet Pea.  I play the lead, a hit man who is also a loving father trying to make amends with his daughter while at the same trying to carry out an important assignment.  It has elements of Grosse Point Blank about it.

To the girls who asked for my autograph yesterday on location in Carlisle – thanks!  Made my day! 🙂

Becoming Freddie

A still taken from the first day of filming Becoming Freddie.