What with writing, acting and publishing, I sometimes struggle to American Godsfind time to read for pleasure (which is completely unacceptable – a writer should always continue to read prolifically and wide-ranging subjects and authors).  A recent bout of train journeys down to London for various auditions allowed me the time to finally get around to reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.  It’s been on my to read list for a long time and I finished it half way into yesterday’s return journey from the Big Smoke (north of York, actually).

What can I say about this spectacular modern fairytale that is a little bit Wizard of Oz, a sprinkle of Trainspotting, a wink of Fear and Loathing and perhaps a shot of O Brother, Where Art Thou for good measure?  What a book…what a ride! It’s difficult to put into words how stunning, overwhelming, entertaining, surreal, emotional and epic this novel is. The ensemble cast of characters is rich and immense and the story, sub-plots and themes mind-blowing. I implore anyone and everyone to read this novel. It could very well change your life. As an actor, I thought I would be perfect to play the role of Wednesday, but have since found out I’ve been beaten to the post by none other than Ian McShane. Really excited to see how the 10 part series manages to cope with such an immense undertaking. I have an ache inside me after finishing this novel, which is very rare for me – not many books touch me so, but this one did and in a big way. I intend to read  it again and again.  I have to.