Well, lockdown is gradually easing. Even the pubs are reopening tomorrow, not that I’ll be rushing to one. I think I’ll wait a few weeks yet before enjoying a pint at the Gosforth Hotel or the Benton Ale House. The film industry is finally starting back up again (can I get a hallelujah?) – those mighty cogs are creaking and grinding back into life. Theatre is in a terrible state though, so I urge you one and all to help your local theatres in any way you can. On the film front though I’ve been cast in Matt Shaw’s new feature, They Came From The Sky. It’s a delightful romp with nods to Monty Python, Ed Wood and Tommy Wiseau. A 50s sci-fi B-movie that morphs into all sorts of craziness. I get to play the gritty would-be hero, Steve. We start shooting in August, so busy line-learning with a vengeance.  It’s going to be great fun and always good to work with Matt and his team.

In other news, Next Door has been released on Vimeo and will soon also be available on Amazon and Soldiers of Embers is now available on Amazon.

The auditions are starting to come in, so I’ve been firing off lots of self-tapes. Here’s a couple of recent ones.