Well the signing at the Settledown ended up being a bit of a let down due to poor attendance.  Shame really because it’s a lovely venue and Neil and the staff are all really nice.  I’ll keep plugging away!


Books on Tyne (the Newcastle Book Festival) should be much livelier starting on 6th November – media interest is starting to build and they’ve put together a great line up too (no, I don’t know how I got in there either!).  So fingers crossed for that one.


After a bit of a break from Sinema 2 I’m starting to get back on track with it.  I had a problem with how the story was developing, but after a good session at the pub with my mate, Tony, we came up with the right course.  So full steam ahead again.  I’ve got several projects in mind after S2, but I have to say I will really miss Han (yes, that’s the psycho in me).  There will not be a third.